• 1Department of Orthopaedics, Shanghai Ninth Pepole’s Hospital, Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai,200011, P.R.China;;
  • 2Department of Orthopaedics, Washington University;;
  • 3 Wuxi Sanitarium Hospital, General Equipment of PLA;
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【Abstract】 Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of HA mixed with adenovirus mediated rhBMP-2 gene (AdvrhBMP-2) transferred BMSCs of goats on distraction osteogenesis. Methods Nineteen adult goats were used for the experiment,no matter they were male or female, and the weight of the goats were 15-20 kg. The 10 mL marrow was obtained from theil iac crest of each goat. The BMSCs was expanded and passaged conventionally. The 3th BMSCs was infected by Adv-rhBMP-2 at 200 multipl icity of infection (MOI). The 1×108 infected BMSCs were digested by 0.25% trypsin and collected, then mixed with HA. The right tibia lengthening models were developed, and mixture with BMSCs was injected in the osteotomy position. The goats were divided randomly into 4 groups according to the material injected in operation, group A: Adv-rhBMP-2/BMSCs/HA (n=6); group B: Adv-rhBMP-2/BMSCs (n=5); group C: Adv-β-gal/BMSCs/HA (n=4); group D: sham without any injections (n=4). After a seven-day latency period following ostectomy, distraction was carried out at a rate of 1 mm/day for 4 weeks. Roentgenography was practiced in 5, 8 and 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, the goats were sacrificed and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), biomechanical test and histology results were studied. Results After five and eight weeks surgery, X-raytest showed the distraction callus was more in group A and B than group C and D, and the radiographic score was significantly higher in group A and B than in the other two groups(P  lt; 0.05); after 12 weeks surgery, the continued callus was formed in the distraction defects in all groups. DXA showed the mean bone mineral content of distraction callus in group A, B, C, D was (4.175 ± 1.921), (2.600 ± 0.638), (2.425 ± 0.826) and (1.175 ± 0.574) g, and the mean bone mineral density was (0.612 ± 0.196), (0.630 ± 0.159), (0.450 ± 0.166) and (0.266 ± 0.113) g/cm2. The group A and B was significantly higher than group C and D (P  lt; 0.05).
Biomechanical test showed the maximum loading of group A, B, C, D was (490.20 ± 155.08), (350.59 ± 80.48), (221.95 ± 68.79) and (150.65 ± 92.29) N, and elastic modulus was (178.24 ± 105.80), (105.88 ± 27.09), (81.18 ± 48.67) and (50.35 ± 47.64) MPa. The group A was significantly higher than in group C and D (P  lt; 0.05). Histology observation revealed abundant bone formation in the distraction defects in group A, and the bone trabecula was arranged longitudinal and netl ike. Histomorphology analysis revealed the bone volume in group A, B, C, D was 72.35% ± 5.68%, 67.58% ± 7.42%, 49.63% ± 4.87% and 38.87% ± 2.35%, and the bone formation was significantly greater in group A compared with group D (P  lt; 0.05). Conclusion HA mixed with rhBMP-2 modified BMSCs can accelerate distraction osteogenesis in goats.

Citation: LIN Zaijun,ZHU Zhenan,TANG Tingting,DAI Kerong,LOU Jueren,MENG Fanl in. THE EFFECT OF HA MIXED WITH ADENOVIRUS MEDIATED rhBMP-2 TRANSFERRED BMSCs OF GOATS ONDISTRACTION OSTEOGENESIS/. Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery, 2008, 22(2): 134-138. doi: Copy