• Department of Orthopeadic Sorgery. Bai Giuen University of Medicle Science;;
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Sixty-four cases of injuries ofthe colleteral ligments of the phal-angeal joint were reported. Operat-ions were done in 50 cases in which,16 cases were ligmental injuries ofthe 1st metacarpo-phalangeal jointand the other 34 cases were ligmentalinjuries of the interphalageal joint.Except one failure, the other 49cases had obtained good results fromthe stability of the joint and abvio-us improvement of flexion-exten-sion movement. In fourteen non-operative cases including 2 cases ofold injuries, the final results were poor.

Citation: Yin Weitian et al.. TREATMENT OF INJURY OF COLLETERAL LIGMENT OF PHALANGEL JOINT. Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery, 1990, 4(1): 14-15. doi: Copy