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Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery

Supervisor: National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China Sponsor: Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine , Sichuan University
Editor-in-chief:Bin Shen
Publishing period: Monthly ISSN:1002-1892 CN:51-1372/R



Academician Disheng Zhang (Chief editor of the first editorial board)

Biography of Academician Disheng Zhang http://www.9hospital.com.cn/djy_ web/html/djy/jy_ zdsys/2015-08-20/Detail_ 6749.htm

Professor Zhiming Yang (Chief editor of the 2nd to 6th editorial board)

Zhiming Yang, since graduating from the medical department of Sichuan Medical College in August 1964, has been working in the Department of Orthopedics in the affiliated hospital of the college (now known as West China Hospital of Sichuan University). He pursued further education in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital in 1980 and the Department of Orthopedics, University of Hong Kong in 1984. He was promoted to associate professor in 1986 and professor in 1988. In 1993, he became a doctoral supervisor and helped to establish a postdoctoral research station. In 1972, the Department of Orthopedics established the professional group of hand and microsurgery which worked on wound repair and functional reconstruction and focused on stem cell and tissue engineering in its research. He has published more than 100 papers as the first author or corresponding author, edited and published 9 monographs and participated in the compilation and publication of more than 20 monographs. He was invited to conduct international academic conferences for 6 times. He has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects in Sichuan Province, including "973", "863", key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, general projects, key projects of Ministry of health, Doctoral Program Fund of Ministry of education, CMB project and scientific research projects of universities and colleges in Sichuan Province. He was vice chairman of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Surgery, Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, chief editor of Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Surgery, and director of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory of State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy.

Professor Fuguo Huang (Chief editor of the 7th editorial board)

Professor Fuguo Huang, male, former director of Trauma Orthopedic Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University 

Current editor in chiefProfessor Bin Shen (Chief editor of the 8th editorial board)

Bin Shen, professor/chief physician, doctoral supervisor, executive deputy director of West China Medical Center of Sichuan University, academic and technical leader of Sichuan Province, and leader of health and family planning in Sichuan Province. As the team leader, he participated in the establishment of the world's first (Type 3) non military international emergency medical team. He is currently a member of the joint surgery group of the orthopedic branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the Standing Committee of the orthopedics branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the Standing Committee and head of the arthropathy group of the orthopedic special committee of the Sichuan Medical Association, vice chairman of the osteoporosis Special Committee of the Sichuan Medical Association, and vice president of the Chengdu Meidcal Association and chairman of the orthopedic branch. He served as the editorial board member of more than ten magazines such as Journal of Arthroplasty, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. His main research interests are the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis, joint reconstruction, and perioperative accelerated rehabilitation. He is responsible for 3 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 6 projects funded by the Department of Science and Technology of Sichuan Province; 152 papers have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals by the first author and corresponding author, among which 59 papers are included in SCI (the total impact factor is 148 points); more than 30 postdoctoral and doctoral postgraduates have been trained.

In the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in hospitals under his charge, he has led the establishment of specialized transfer and transformation institutions and teams, established a standardized management system for transfer and transformation of achievements, and built an innovation platform for translational medicine in the whole industry chain. He has made remarkable achievements in collaborative innovation of "politics, medicine, industry, University, research and utilization" and diversified international exchanges and in-depth cooperation. Since the establishment of the achievements transformation department in 2018, it has issued 6 policies for the transfer and transformation of achievements. In particular, the "Nine West China policies" released in May 2018 to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have been widely reported by mainstream media such as People's Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Health News, and China Intellectual Property News. Since the release of "Nine Western China articles", 1493 horizontal science and technology contracts have been signed, The total amount is 421 million yuan; 33 intellectual property rights such as patents are transferred/licensed, the contract amount is 11.165 million yuan+sales commission; 60 scientific and technological achievements are priced and invested with 860 million yuan to establish 10 science and technology companies. As a classic case and excellent unit, West China Hospital was listed in the 2018 annual report on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in China.